Managed Services

Let OSO DevOps become part of your IT operations team. We can manage the whole of your AWS infrastructure on your behalf. Our AWS certified cloud architects will be an extension of your team, without having the expense or hassle of employing them directly.

Our Managed Services delivers consistent operations management and predictable results by following AWS best practices, and provides tooling and automation to increase efficiency, and reduce your operational overhead and risk on your AWS account(s).

We’ll help you architect, maintain, monitor and automate your AWS infrastructure, and become the first point of contact for any issues.

OSO DevOps is an expert at providing operational and automation support for AWS customers. We wrap together a suite of trusted and tested AWS-focused tools with a 24/7 technical response team staffed by AWS certified engineers.

Managed Support

  • Develop and execute server updates and maintenance plan
  • Server updates and other routine maintenance handled proactively
  • Periodical review of AWS architecture and security practices
  • Common user-requested maintenance tasks included (user account updates, new firewall rules, etc.)
  • Automated backup management of EC2 server images
  • Optional cross-region copy of EC2 and RDS backups for remote geographic disaster recovery
  • High level recommendations and best practices for AWS architecture and security

AWS Monitoring & Response

  • 24/7 monitoring & response with multiple SLA tiers
  • Collaboration to build smart runbooks for predefined remediation
  • Optimized monitor and alert definitions built specifically for AWS environments
  • Capability of full monitoring of AWS resources
  • Centralized log collection & monitoring

And if you’re looking to use architecture automation, config management, deployment automation, our team will be able to assist and advise you.

If you’re looking for DevOps at scale using the cutting edge Hashicorp toolset to migrate to the cloud, you should take a look at our

DevOps Adoption service.

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Getting infrastructure right requires foresight and deep expertise in platform engineering – a critical area that nonetheless doesn’t contribute to your core business value. Our engineers thrive on big challenges, and they’re focused 100% on platform engineering. Infrastructure built by world-class talent lowers your risk.



In year one, an outsourced solution is cheaper than the cost of two DevOps engineers. By year two, outsourcing costs less than even one DevOps engineer. It comes down to economies of scale – our people live and breathe platform engineering.



In-house innovation means trial and error, which equates to costly mistakes. We solve platform-wide problems rather than investing the time and resources in-house shops spend on costly, problematic, one-off solutions. We always think big picture. Every new customer that comes onto our platform drives innovation.

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