DevOps Adoption

DevOps is a philosophy that combines Development, Operations, Security and Quality Assurance. By moving away from the Waterfall Model of software delivery, organisations that incorporate DevOps practices get more done by deploying high quality code far more frequently and more accurately.

Whether you’re a small startup or a full-bore enterprise the idea of DevOps is important. Bringing agility to your IT organization is not just nice to have, it’s a requirement to stay on the edge of innovation.

Why Embrace DevOps?

Every company is a technology company and software-driven innovation is the new source of competitive advantage. Being able quickly make iterative changes to your software and get them to market gives you a competitive edge while reducing your cost and time of delivery.

Transforming how you deliver software in this way - making it faster, more frequent and scalable - means that you can exponentially increase the value you create for your customers.

DevOps is the way by which this is achieved - the template for success in how you setup your teams, your processes, your automation and your culture to deliver both speed and control.

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How We Enable DevOps Adoption

Adopting DevOps in enterprise organisations is a broad and challenging proposition. Enterprises often have many people to bring with them on the journey, significant incumbent technology, long-established working practices and approaches and a high value of business flowing through their systems.

We help you to get there in a way that’s accelerated, sustainable, safe and repeatable.

  • Organisational Structures: Breaking up silos, making processes leaner and more efficient and moving towards cross-functional teams who work together to deliver value to the organisation in an accelerated manner.
  • Automation: Automating the deployment of infrastructure and software with maximum efficiency and quality through Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines.
  • Collaboration: In DevOps culture, communication and collaboration are key. More collaboration means a shorter feedback loop resulting in smaller and more frequent release cycles.
  • Architecture: Modernising applications by moving a way from monoliths by embracing service-oriented architecture and microservices, allowing for more rapid iteration of applications.

We help enterprises to deliver faster, reduce delivery cycle times and increase agility, ultimately resulting in better software, greater market differentiation and enhanced business competitiveness.

We build, optimize, and manage highly available cloud-based infrasrtucture with the absolute best DevOps tools ensuring scalability and reliability.

Terraform Packer Ansible Docker Kubernetes Jenkins Vagrant Consul Vault

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