Cloud Consultancy

We’re helping organisations take advantage of the power of the cloud and accelerating cloud adoption. The speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operating in the cloud solidifies the fact that it is an invaluable enabler in any software innovation drive or digital transformation.

Our Cloud Migration, Adoption and Enhancement services traverses both strategic and delivery work to help you get the most out of your resources.

  • Strategy: We work with organisations to help them understand and look at how they will make use of and deploy cloud services. This includes looking at the architectural, technical and governance issues as well as helping with vendor selection
  • Assessment: This is a detailed assessment where we evaluate an organisations existing applications and software delivery processes with a view to helping them with their readiness to move to cloud
  • Adoption: We implement a solution that establishes the foundations to ensure that the technology and processes are in place for a smooth transition to the cloud. This includes network connections, governance models, security, and key processes for managing the cloud
  • Migration: A service where we migrate applications to the cloud with you, either a proof of concept or in a fully managed fashion. This can take place with either cloud re-architecture to cloud native, or a lift-and-shift as a temporary measure
  • Enhancement: Already on the Cloud? Ensuring you have a well architected platform is key to running and managing a successful Cloud estate. We can help suggest improvements to your existing infrastructure and make cost reductions with automated controls, improve security and compliance of your estate in the Cloud.

Why Migrate To The Cloud?

Put simply, the cloud is an enabler. It substantially reduces infrastructure costs, creating the perfect conditions for rapid innovation at scale while moving the efforts of IT teams towards creating business value, rather than focusing on infrastructure firefighting.

Any investments that are made will then be in assets or projects that are truly differentiating, rather than into non-differentiating commodity infrastructure and technology.

From whichever angle you take, the cloud is superior to on-premises. To find out more, download our brief today.

How We Help Organisations Adopt The Cloud

DevOps is a key enabler to unleashing innovation for your organization by automating deployments of new software, security updates, and cloud infrastructure owned by cross-functional teams who manage their own infrastructure.

Adopting a DevOps culture is absolutely essential for businesses seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.

Our DevOps operating model enables you to secure all of the benefits of the Cloud, whilst also remaining secure, compliant and in control.

Cloud Migration Process

Our Amazon Web Services team are experts and hold multiple AWS certifications with experience spanning the entire AWS ecosystem and are ready to make your move to the cloud agile and painless.

Our cloud migration process leaves no room for guesswork and wasteful over-provisioning.


We partner with Amazon Web Services to give our customers access to the largest, most feature-rich and mature Cloud platform available today


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