Quick Take

The NHS provides some of the best healthcare in the world, buts it's always looking for ways to improve streamline operational practices. Together we integrated NHS patient data with Tableau, creating custom dashboards that doctors can access, query, and filter on-demand.

What We Did

  • NHS GPG 13 compliant architectural redesign.
  • Data visualization with Tableau.
  • Data migration to AWS RDS.
  • AWS infrastructure automation with Hashicorp Terraform.
  • Knowledge transfer documentation.

The Challenge

When your child is sick or injured, nothing is more important than getting the best possible care as fast as possible. 33N combines the best of clinically active doctors with high-quality data analysis to shorten patient waiting times and identifies inefficiencies in the current working practice. They integrate machine learning with qualitative engagement to tackle challenges faced by healthcare providers across the health economy, delivering safe and effective improvements for patients and staff.

To achieve these big ambitions, 33N required the expertise of a cloud and big data partner experienced with AWS architecture, advanced analytics and best practices around security, operations and cost.

The Solution

The OSO DevOps team provided an assessment of 33N existing AWS environment. Part of this assessment was to look at the environment’s overall architecture and provide remediation plans based off of the 5 pillars (operations, security, reliability, performance, and cost) of Amazon’s Well Architected Framework.

It was determined that Amazon EC2, AWS ALB, and autoscaling groups were needed across availability zones to increase resilience and help balance the load for all application services. The OSO DevOps team used an “Automation First” strategy and implemented Terraform to automate the client’s infrastructure in AWS. This allowed the Company to quickly spin up environments in different domains and spin down to save on costs.

Finally, OSO DevOps configured AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch to enable logging and resource monitoring in the environment. Ingesting these logs into EKK (Elasticsearch, Kineses and Kibana) it was possible 33N to visualise activity over the whole account. This holistic view gave 33N the ability to be notified of any unwanted access attempts and/or impacts to environmental performance.

Cloud services & technologies leveraged:

  • GitHub – SCM used as the code repository with commit hooks to trigger builds.
  • Hashicorp Terraform – Used to automate the infrastructure including network, security and application definitions.
  • Amazon CodeBuild – Created an AMI build process to harden the underlying OS and install applications using Ansible playbooks.
  • Amazon AutoScalingGroups & ALB's - Application infrastructure scaling by utilising Application Load Balancing to the AWS AutoScalingGroup service.
  • Amazon System Manager - Used for EC2 session management and securing sensitive information with AWS ParameterStore.
  • Amazon S3 – Store static content including images, stylesheets, artefacts, and configuration.
  • Amazon IAM – Amazon IAM – Access control of users across accounts and environments; IAM roles used to limit the use of access keys in implementations.
  • Amazon RDS – Migrated data to RDS for resilience and elasticity.
  • Amazon GuardDuty & ElasticSearch – Connected GuardDuty with AWS Elasticsearch to view aggregated logs and metrics.
  • Tableau Server – Used for data visualisation for the end-users.

The Business Outcome

The healthcare startup recognised several benefits following the successful implementation of OSO DevOps AWS automation and analytics strategies. Using AWS, the OSO DevOps team was able to create a modern data platform for 33N that can grow as their business does with an infinite number of scalable capabilities.

Security was paramount to this project. By adhering to AWS best practices for VPC design, IAM permissions, and Security Groups, 33N ensured that only valid employees, support staff or contractors would have access to permitted data inside the AWS environments.

OSO DevOps is also now also providing managed AWS services with intrusion detection, threat vulnerability scanning, backup, and additional services to support their growing AWS environment.

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